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Trigger Point Injections

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Trigger points are essentially knots that form in muscles or the surrounding fascia when the muscle does not relax. These knots, which can often be felt under the skin, irritate the surrounding nerves and cause referred pain in other parts of the body. Trigger points can form throughout the body, but the rhomboid and trapezius muscles of the back are most susceptible. To treat these painful trigger points, the physicians at Total HealthCare can employ a technique called trigger point injections.

Trigger point injections can be used to treat most muscle groups, including:

  • Lower back
  • Arms
  • Neck
  • Legs

Our team of experienced physicians at Total HealthCare can isolate your trigger points and help you get relief. We are pleased to offer trigger point injections at our Norcross and Sandy Springs medical centers.

How do Trigger Point Injections Work?

Once the exact location of the trigger point is determined, an anesthetic and steroid mixture is injected into the tissue to relax it. Depending on the severity of the trigger point, multiple injections can be made to attack it from different angles. There are many potential causes for trigger points, and trigger point injections can be used alone or as part of a comprehensive rehabilitation program as an effective back pain treatment.

Do Trigger Point Injections Hurt?

Trigger point injections usually hurt no more than any other injection, such as drawing blood or placing an IV. The physician will often apply a topical anesthetic before making the injection to reduce pain.

The injection site can remain tender for a few days after injection, before the anti-inflammatory properties of the injection can take effect. The steroids will remain active for roughly one month, allowing you to participate more fully in physical therapy and strengthen the muscles. Trigger point injections help you achieve faster, longer lasting back pain relief.

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