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Stem Cell Therapy in Sandy Springs

Stem Cell Treatment in Georgia

At Total HealthCare, we know that stem Cells are located throughout our bodies and what makes Stem Cells so useful is they can duplicate themselves, and they can change and become other types of cells. Basically, Stem Cells are all purpose cells, ready to accommodate the needs of our bodies. As we age, or if we suffer from chronic or severe injuries, our bodies are not able to send the necessary amounts of Stem Cells to the affected area and repair the joint, or connective tissue as maybe we once could have. We offer an innovated solution to this problem.

Understanding the Process & Benefits of Stem Cell Treatment

Our highly skilled medical staff will harvest Stem Cells from highly concentrated areas in the body, which might be from adipose (fat) tissue, peripheral blood stem cells, or bone marrow cells. The cells are then concentrated and injected into the damaged areas, allowing the body to heal naturally. Unlike conventional therapies, this treatment doesn’t mask this issue, it engages the body’s natural healing mechanism to promote continual improvements in strength and flexibility.

Stem Cell therapies can be used for a wide range of injuries and arthritic areas. If you are considering a joint replacement or spinal fusion, consider a consultation with one of Total Healthcare’s specialists to see if Stem Cell Treatments might be an effective alternative to an invasive surgery.

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