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Are you suffering from headaches? Do your headaches become so severe that they interfere with your daily activities or decrease the quality of your life? If so, it is important to know that you are not alone. Millions of people suffer from headaches ranging from mild to severe, and some headaches can greatly affect a person's ability to function.

At Total HealthCare Non-Surgical Joint and Spine Centers, we understand that you may be seeking a long-term solution to your headache complications and we may be able to help you. Our practice proudly serves the Norcross and Sandy Springs areas, and we have assisted numerous patients by providing personalized treatments for their headache pains.

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Headache Causes & Symptoms

People can experience many types of headaches such as migraines, muscular headaches, cluster headaches, tension headaches, and ocular headaches. In most cases, immediate neck pain is associated with the onset of a headache or it immediately follows a headache. In some situations, these headaches are caused by the muscles, tendons, and ligaments that support the neck. Fortunately, a large majority of headaches can be relieved. When you work with our medical team, we can thoroughly review your entire composition, get to know you and your lifestyle, and try to find the cause of the pain that you may be suffering.

In some situations, one or more of the following imbalances may be to blame for your headaches:

  • Poor nutrition and diet
  • Bad posture
  • Trauma, such as a sports injury or car accident
  • Degeneration of the discs in the neck
  • Laxity of the ligaments in the neck
  • Loss of curvature in the spine

Headache Treatment Sandy Springs & Norcross

When you choose Total HealthCare Non-Surgical Joint and Spine Centers for your healthcare needs, we can work to develop a personalized treatment plan for you and assist you in overcoming the pain that you may be experiencing. Headaches and tension can be resolved, and in some cases, chiropractic care and physical therapy can make a significant difference.

To learn more, contact Total HealthCare Non-Surgical Joint and Spine Centers today and schedule an appointment with our team.

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