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Alleviating the Symptoms of Your Allergies

Allergies and sensitivities are not always obvious. They can lurk in the background for years, triggering symptoms that go beyond the usual and obvious. Because these symptoms can be non-specific, they are difficult to diagnose, leading to chronic health concerns.

The symptoms of allergies and undiagnosed sensitivities can be anything from chronic joint pain, fatigue, gut and digestive issues, and unexplained skin discoloration to bloating, difficulty losing weight, strong cravings, inability to concentrate, depression, mood swings, and slow metabolic rate.

More Effective Allergy Treatment Options

In many cases, these symptoms are not properly diagnosed and drugs are given to counter the symptoms rather than address the root cause. The body is made up of multiple complex systems and when a hidden allergy or sensitivity is detected in the body, the systems try to respond to counter the reaction.

It is this response that, over time, creates an inflammatory process, which can lead to serious health issues. Total Healthcare is dedicated to helping you find ways to manage, or eliminate, your environmental and hidden allergies without all of the negative side effects associated with pills.

Some of the ways we more effectively treat your allergies are the following:

  • We offer many different types of allergy panels, food sensitivity tests, and diagnostic testing that help us identify the root cause of your allergies.
  • We will complete a full health history and evaluation by one of our providers.
  • We provide nutritional support based on the results of your allergy and food sensitivity tests to help keep your body healthy and feeling its best going forward.

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Our Sandy Springs allergy relief professionals have decades of experience in the medical field and access to the latest, most effective, and most direct treatments for clearing up allergies. Our objective of treating the root cause instead of your symptoms allows for longer and healthier relief.

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