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  • My shoulder is pain free after non surgical treatment.
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    “The Team I met at the Norcross location were thorough and caring every treatment. They all worked with each other to make the most of my time each visit. Holistic environment, plant based injections and up to date equipment for ultra sound and massage. They make a special treatment plan for each individual.”

    Donna G.

  • I can't believe I am able to walk without constant pain. Thanks to all the staff at Total HealthCare.
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    “I can't believe I am able to walk without constant pain. For the past several years my ability to walk and move were progressively becoming more painful. After several procedures from my orthopedics and trial and error of pain relievers I lost hope in being pain free. I have seen the newsletter for Total Health Care for several years. Some of the newsletters come in the mail and some I received while attending health fairs around the Sandy Springs area. The articles in the newsletters were very informative. And I liked the idea of biological injections. It took me a long time to make the call, I was afraid it would be too expensive and not really perform as advertised. I am so happy I took the chance on Total HealthCare. I began a prescribed routine of adjustments, physical therapy and injections. Total HealthCare is an upbeat physicality. The staff is professional and caring. They help you understand that there is a partnership between you and the staff to begin your recovery. Total HealthCare helps you become the best YOU, you can be. It's not magic, you have to keep your scheduled appointments and do the prescribed exercises. Then you will come to the other side of being able to walk and move pain free. Thanks to all the staff at Total HealthCare.”

  • After completing my sessions I am actually happy to say that I am feeling good again.
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    “I am very happy to write this review about Total HealthCare! When I went into Total HealthCare, I was hurting from top to bottom, from my neck, shoulders, back, hips and buttock. I was impressed on my first visit because they are like a one-stop-shop. You are greeted with a smile when you first get there, then you move on from one professional to another, e.g. Chiropractor, Doctor, Therapist, etc. Everyone is very skilled at what they are trained to do. After completing my sessions I am actually happy to say that I am feeling good again. Thank you Total HealthCare Team for your caring spirit. Much success to you all.”

    Marilyn Morgan

  • Their expertise and due diligence gave me my life back and I am forever grateful.
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    “It was late August of 2015 and I was getting desperate for pain relief but had no idea of where to go. I just knew I didn't want any more surgery or toxic chemicals injected in my body. In the last few years I had been in an auto accident, had a really bad fall, was using a cane, had the epidural injection series, was diagnosed with multiple skeletal and inflammatory issues and eventually had back surgery which semed to be successful. After many months post op, I started developing new pain issues such as numbness and tingling down my legs and pain in my hip, low back and knee. I had been taking anti-inflammatory drugs without much relief. I had been receiving the info flyers from Total Healthcare and finally started reading them. I am so thankful they kept sending them. After my testing and assessment, my treatment started. I couldn't believe how much better I felt after the first treatment. Hope was in my future. Their integrated/team medical treatment was phenomenal. I looked forward to my treatments. The staff Kristi, Ashley, Dr Millan, Dr Domm, Arsenio and Will know exactly what they are doing in each of their area of expertise. it is now several months later and I am entering my mid/late 60's and feel like I am in my 40's. The inflammation and pain are gone. Their expertise and due diligence gave me my life back and I am forever grateful. If you are sitting on the fence, please get an appointment and let them assess you. Don't wait another minute. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!!”

  • The doctors know what they're doing. I give 6 stars instead of 5.
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    “The staff is very friendly and helpful. The doctors know what they're doing. I've been there for six weeks and my back and neck feels alot straighter. I can feel my neck and back being adjusted with each treatment. I give 6 stars instead of 5. I just finished my treatment from my car insurance but I might go back and do some more treatment with my own money because the staff is that good. ”

    Jelal Sharifpour

  • Three weeks in and I feel so much better. I highly recommend Total HealthCare!
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    “I was in pain, and finally found a facility to treat my lower back and hip pain with a cohesive plan. I was seen quickly and a teatment program was established right away. Three weeks in and I feel so much better. Very professional atmosphere and I love that I am alwalys seen on time. Staff is caring and reponsive. I highly recommend Total Health Care!”

    Deena G.

  • The top notch professionals at Total Healthcare have reduced my pain level and given me HOPE for the future!
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    “In 2005 I ruptured my L5 disc in a work accident. I knew nothing of Total HealthCare back then and the rupture led to 2 surgeries to repair the disc, which resulted in me contracting a staph infection; and because of it, I had to have 3 more surgeries, 2 to fuse my L4,L5,S1 disc because the staph infection ate up the discs and part of my spine. Since that time, I have had 5 more surgeries and a plethora of procedures which, instead of relieving the pain I was in, became another cause of it. For years I have lived with a daily pain level so high, I am unable to work. When my wife found Total HealthCare for me, it was our last chance to find some relief. I have to admit that I was skeptical about them being able to help me or give me any kind of relief. Suffice to say, the top notch professionals at Total Healthcare have reduced my pain level and given me HOPE for the future! From the moment you enter the door, you are treated with total respect, professionalism, politeness and sincerity by everyone within the organization on every visit. I am truly grateful for Total HealthCare and their commitment to make a healing difference in the lives of those who suffer with pain.”

    Dave H. Jordan

  • At the end of the sessions, I was pain free and able to begin exercising again.
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    “Total Healthcare quickly diagnosed my situation and immediately designed a program to address my pain. At the end of the sessions, I was pain free and able to begin exercising again which is an important part of my life. The staff was knowledgeable and extremely friendly. I would highly recommend them for any back or joint issue and I continue to return for periodic maintenance. Thank you Total Healthcare! ”

    Brett Newsom

  • After 3 months they have really helped me to get back to walking and exercising with out the previous pain I was having.
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    “I have had lower back pain and numbness in my leg for several years. I have been to a chiropractor several times for several years without much relief. I took aspirin to help with some of the pain but didn't want to continue on this regimen. I love to walk and exercise but was unable to continue because of my lower back pain and numbness in my leg. After a few minuets of walking my lower back would get tight and I would start to experience pain in my lower back. Getting out of bed in the mornings were also a struggle. I decided to make an appointment with Total Health Care to see if they would be able to get me back to my old self. After the initial consultation with Ashley I decided to continue with their therapy and recommendations. I faithfully went to every scheduled appointment and continued to get better. After 3 months they have really helped me to get back to walking and exercising with out the previous pain I was having. This team in Sandy Springs has been wonderful. I did follow all the recommendations of exercising. Will and Arsenio, the physical therapist, are really good at what they do, always concerned about any pain or discomfort. Trust me, if you go and follow their instructions you will feel much better and continue to improve.”

    Mary Lynn Brooks

  • I have worked in the health care profession for 45 years and have never seen such a comprehensive, holistic approach to individualized patient care.
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    ““Don’t live your life in pain” One day, after suffering for 15 years in chronic pain from osteoarthritis causing pain in the joints of my hips, back, legs, knees, feet, shoulders, elbows, hands and other places I didn’t even know I had joints, these words “you don’t have to live in pain” glared out at me from a small newspaper I received in the mail. I also had excruciating pain in my muscles and ligaments all over my body from fibromyalgia. I could not even move to do anything without severe pain. I tried everything from Acupuncture to Zoloft and had found no relief, from any drug, therapy or procedure (including prescribed narcotic opioids), I latched on to this tiny glimmer of hope thinking, “I’ll just try this one more thing”. I called the number in the newspaper for Total Health Care in Norcross (770-416-9995), where they do non-operative joint and spine care. They do a complete assessment addressing all your issues, then the team of doctors, physical therapists, and physician assistants meet to review x-rays, discuss your issues and come up with a recommended plan of treatment, which you and your family take part in. I have worked in the health care profession for 45 years and have never seen such a comprehensive, holistic approach to individualized patient care. Treatment was started at the first visit and by the time I left I had a schedule of treatment appointments, which the administrative staff had arranged for me, of the days and times to return. I left there feeling so confident in this professional, friendly and extremely supportive group of individuals. They gave me my hope back. During the course of treatment, each professional knew what I was there for each visit and all focused on that area and then, after seeing the desired results, moved on to the next targeted area of concern. I started to notice that I could get out of a chair without assistance as well as walk without limping. The treatments they were using, as well as prescribed exercises, were helping the different parts of my body get stronger so that they began to be able to help support the weaker areas. I noticed that little by little a good deal of my pain was decreasing. In two weeks, I am finishing up my plan of treatment and am able to start doing so many things that I never thought would never be possible for me to accomplish. I am so glad I didn’t throw away my “bucket list”! Don’t just live your life in pain. Call Total Health Care in Norcross 770-416-9995, and you may want to hang onto your bucket list, OR start a new one :}.”

    Mary M.

  • The staff is friendly I am very happy I chose Total HealthCare.
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    “He oído acerca de TOTAL HEALTH CARE a través de un miembro de mi familia. Empecé mis tratamientos alrededor de marzo, estaba teniendo dolor de espalda baja que solía irradiarse a la pierna derecha, estos dolores de espalda afectan mi día a dia normal que no podía trabajar dormir, comer apenas podía caminar, sentarme, estar de pie o agacharme, yo solía tomar una gran cantidad de medicina, tales como; ibuprofeno, Tramodol y otros. Ninguno de estos ayudó. He sido paciente durante unos 2 meses y mi nivel de dolor no es tan alto como lo era, sigo teniendo algunas dificultades y dolores que tengo que tratar. Todavía voy a la terapia 3 veces a la semana, no tengo ninguna queja sobre ellos el personal es amable estoy muy contento que elegí TOTAL HEALTH CARE. --------I heard about total health care through a member of my family. I began my treatments around March, I was having lower back pain that used irradiated to the right leg, these backaches affect my normal day to day I could not work sleep, eat, could barely walk, sit, stand or bend over, I used to take a lot of medicine, such as; ibuprofen, Tramodol and others. None of these helped. I have been patient for about 2 months and my pain level is not as high as it was, I still have some difficulties and pains that I have to deal with, but I still going to therapy three times a week I have no complaints about them, the staff is friendly I am very happy I chose TOTAL HEALTH CARE”

    Nery Alvarez

  • The consideration and professionalism extended to me by the wonderful people at Total Health Care was impressive and refreshing.
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    “Efficiency accompanied by courtesy is a rare combination in today’s work world. The consideration and professionalism extended to me by the wonderful people at Total Health Care was impressive and refreshing. It has been three months since the completion of my treatments for Osteoarthritis in both knees. Having been athletic and active most of my life, it was discouraging for me not to be as mobile and flexible during my workouts. I am now able to run again (preparing for The Peachtree Road Race) and playing basketball with my colleagues. Special thanks to Dr. Blencowe, Dr. Tran, and Dr. Millin. Physical Therapy: Arsenio & Will. Front desk: Christina. Case files: Ashlee. The competence and the enthusiasm by everyone was duly noted and appreciated, Job well done. Keep up the good work. Thank you.”


  • This place and these people are the best.
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    “This place, these people are the best. I've been suffering from degenerative disc disease for ten years. I went to your typical MD to address my pain several years back and they were no help at all. They suggested I get a lift for one of my shoes and sent me to a physical therapy clinic that was not helpful in attitude or instruction. I saw an ad about Total Health Care with a testimonial from someone else experiencing DDD. I decided it was worth a try. The staff is kind, friendly, knowledgable and attentive. The combination of disciplines, chiropractic, homeopathic, and physical therapy, has restored my mobility to levels I've not experienced in years. I have such confidence and hope now that if I continue to follow their recommendations, I will be able to maintain, if not improve upon the progress I have made. I still have pain, with my condition that is somewhat inevitable, but SOOO much less! Thanks THC!”

    David Dean

  • The staff here has helped me to get better control over my body and I can now live a less painful life.
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    “Having back spasms for almost 50 years plus the onset of arthritis, I have had difficulty doing the things I want to do. The staff here has helped me to get better control over my body and I can now live a less painful life. Everyone at the Sandy Springs facility has been professional and pleasant to work with. The exercises that I have learned here are giving me more flexibility.”

    Mary Gonzalez

  • Total HealthCare is the best thing that has happened to me.
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    “I could barely walk when I went to Total HealthCare and I had missed a week of work already. The treatment plan they suggested was exactly right and I was walking almost normally after two sessions. After three weeks, I was pain free, more pain free than I have been in years. I feel younger and I have more energy because everything no longer causes me pain. I will not be miserable for weeks if anything happens again. I will go right back to Total HealthCare and get fixed up. I would recommend them to anyone who is suffering from back, joint or muscle pain. Oh, and the staff is really great and pleasant to work with. Thank you Total HealthCare!!”

    Cathy Southard

  • After several visits to your office I was pain free for the first time in three years.
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    “I had back pain for three years and saw the recommended physicians with no relief. I was miserable. After several visits to your office I was pain free for the first time in three years. Thank you so much. I love your staff and facilities. The professionalism and care made me feel a part of the family.”


  • My Total Health Care team is the best.
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    “I received news letters from Total Health Care for a couple of years and after seeing Doctor after Doctor to get relief for the Pain in my body I decided to call THC for an Appointment. A Treatment plan was put together for me. We start with my Knees, After walking 10 steps I would be in so much Pain, I would need to sit because of Discomfort. On March 30th I began Treatment of the Knees and I must say that as of today I am Happy to tell anyone that my Treatment plan is working. Mobility is back and pain is rare. I am hitting the Chattahoochee National Park and putting in ( 4 ) miles walking daily. My story does not end Here and I am Looking forward to sharing more as my Treatment continue. If you are in Pain Don't Suffer as I did, I am sure my Care Team has a Treatment plan for you. Total Health Care Team are The Best. ”

    Felton Williams

  • My experiences & observations reflect on a most efficient, no nonsense, yet caring professional team.
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    “I am a mid-80s retired health professional who originally drove my wife of 55+ years to Total Health Care Sandy Springs, GA who rarely complains, was experiencing acute pain like I had never seen before. Because of my background & experiennce, I am usually skeptical of other professional treatment. When, after only a few treatments, she improved dramatically, I was so impressed, I decided to try it for myself. The staff was somewhat puzzled in that they are used to patient complaints of pain and I was not aware of any pain, though I wanted to improve my range of motion in my neck, that was fused,so I could drive more safely in turns & backing up. I was worked on by 3 professionals at each visit in chiropractic care, physical therapy, and medical treatment + regular team discussion of my case. My range of motion improved dramatically & I felt better (not realizing before a dull pain). My experiences & observations reflect on a most efficient, no nonsense, yet caring professional team.”

    Robert Stein, PhD.

  • I entered the world of the greatest healers I've ever been treated by.
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    “When I first came to Total Health Care 4 weeks ago my right knee was giving out and I was falling every time I stood up and walked. My life consisted of lying in bed and using crutches all the time. I was confined to the house. To go outside I sat on my balcony. THEN, I entered the world of the greatest healers I've ever been treated by (only my cardiologist stands next to this health clinic). Now 4 weeks later I'm walking my dog again. I'm not 100% yet and Luke the dog, and I walk slow, but I'm thankful to walk. Love this place.”

    Rebecca Mohammadi

  • Best decision I have made in a long time.
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    “Several years ago, I developed a problem with my left shoulder, which eventually was diagnosed as a frozen shoulder, it was very painful and took a lot of painful treatments to overcome, my choice service provider was not a pleasant experience. Recently, I started noticing a similar painful situation developing in my right shoulder and dreaded the possibility that this could be the outcome. Like a lot of people, fear of the cost of treatment and the memory of the painful treatments of the past caused me hesitate and it wasn't until I received the mailer from Total Health Care, that I decided it was at least worth looking into. I went in and spoke with the people there about what might be wrong with me and how my company had recently changed my insurance coverage placing a larger amount of the costs in my court. I was taken in for x-rays and a preliminary review. When I returned, the folks there at Total Health Care explained what was going on with my shoulder, the kind of treatment they wanted to perform and showed me how they could work with me on the cost of the treatments. It is a little over three weeks now and I have gotten most of the mobility back in my right shoulder and rarely experience the kind of pain, I was experiencing before. The people are very friendly and knowledgeable and I actually look forward to my treatments. Best decision I have made in a long time.”

    Rocco Giardina Jr.

  • The care that I received at Total HealthCare, was exceptional.
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    “In September of 2015, I fell half way down a flight of stairs at my cousin’s house. About a month later, I started having bad lower back pain and when I would try and exercise on the treadmill, I would get a sharp stabbing pain in my right buttock. In addition, I could no longer sit for long periods of time in the car or at the office without extreme pain. I started taking over the counter NSAIDS for the pain. I called my primary care doctor who ran x-rays of my right buttock and lower back. The findings were “normal” and I was given a prescription anti-inflammatory gel to use to get some relief from the pain. I used the gel 4 times a day and still did not get any relief. Because of the severity of the pain, bending over, laying down, walking on a treadmill proved to be excruciating. This horrible pain was making me miserable and unable to lead a normal life. I found Total Health Care (Norcross location) online and read about the success stories and became curious to see if it was my answer. The week before Christmas in 2015, I went in for my initial consultation. X-rays were taken of my entire spine and hip area. Quickly after, I got to see my X-ray and was told that my spine was out of alignment and that my S.I. joint and an inflamed coccyx was the cause of my pain. I quickly asked what the next step was and was surprised by the answer I received. I was told that all of the doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists were going to discuss my case to decide what the best course of action would be for me to start to heel. That’s right! I was so excited to have medical doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists all discussing my course of action. The next day, I got to sit down and hear what the team had to say. I was scheduled for 3 days of physical therapy, chiropractic work, and a series of injections to help ease my pain. I was excited to get on the road to recovery! The staff at Total Healthcare took care of my every need regarding my insurance coverage, my work schedule, and my out of pocket cost. They worked with my income level to reduce the out of pocket cost and I was able to come to physical therapy after work at 5pm for 3 days a week! Two weeks after I started therapy, I saw a big difference in my pain level and my energy level. Dr Daniel is an amazing chiropractor and made me feel so much better in such a short period of time. The injections I received were all natural so they didn’t give me any nasty side effects. The nerve test that was conducted on me, found that the cause of my low back pain was neuropathy. Working with the physical therapists helped ease this pain and they worked with my insurance company to purchase a TENS machine at no cost to me so that I could do this type of therapy at home as well! The care that I received at Total HealthCare, was exceptional. If you are living with chronic pain and your doctors have told you that you are “normal” and you know you are anything but, please contact Total Healthcare. The staff is wonderful and the care you receive is top of the line.”


  • These people know what they're doing, and they're also all very nice human beings at the same time.
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    “When I went to Total HealthCare three weeks ago, my left knee was so painful I could barely walk. The people at THC take a team approach and came up with a plan that involved injections, PT and chiropractic. I'm only about halfway through my therapy and am walking again. By the time my therapy is over, I expect to be dancing again too! At this rate, I may never have to have knee surgery - which I consider to be a very good thing! These people know what they're doing, and they're also all very nice human beings at the same time.”

    Carol Niemi

  • No more depression, no more pain meds, almost no more pain, and no more cane!
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    “In 2003 I was diagnosed with Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder.which is Systemic Lupus (inflammation of connective tissue),Rheumatoid Arthritis(inflammation of the joints),and Polymyositis(inflammation of the muscles. Also bilateral Carplel Tunal syndrome.This meant for me head to toe pain for many years.many Doctor,many meds many side effects and more meds and a side of depression and meds for that.Total Health Care news letters came in my mail fairly often never read them.But this past June2015 I began to lose body function.I could barely walk.thought l'd be in a wheel chair by Dec.I read the news letter and made an appointment that day.Omg from day one Kristy the office manager was kind and funny she put me at ease.the evaluation and x-rays with Dr Donn who would give me excellent chiropractic care as well as mental health care by really listening was awesome. Ashley explained The x-rays and insurance info really well.The physical Therapist Arsenio and Will were very knowlegable,skillful in treatment , care and instruction they were a lot of fun.Last but not Dr Millin very up beat administered and explained my natural knee injections and my trigger point injection reatively pain free.I call him my anything is possible Doctor.if I think something is happening for a particular reason he will consider a lab or a diagnostic test to get my answer.what a team I had .So how have I been changed? It's November and no more depression, no more pain meds, almost no more pain, no more cane and in December instead of a wheel chair I'M going on a CRIUSE!!!!!😄”

    Barbara Walker

  • This is the place to go if your in pain. Staff and facility are great.
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    “This is the place to go if your in pain. Staff and facility are great. The physical therapist are great and there's Dr Daniel the chiropractor. I would go 3 times a week. For my neck pain they would put my neck in traction. And for my back they would use heating pad along with electronic stick pads. After that I would see Dr Daniel, if you haven't had your neck or back cracked its weird at first but feels good. They do such an awesome job. Thanks for making me feel better Total Health Care.”

    Michelle T.

  • I recommend you try this practice if you feel you may need a “system of care” with chiropractic care.
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    “After an exam & x-ray, I was told by Resurgens that the sporadic and sometimes debilitating hip pain was from an inflamed bursa. After two cortisone shots and physical therapy, I was better overall for a while but still had sporadic & sometimes sharp pain or throbbing that I didn’t want for years to come. At 55, I am not ready to put up my walking shoes, stop using the elliptical and treadmill machines. My husband used Total HealthCare in the past and liked their “total” approach – chiropractic, physical therapy and plant-based injections during each office visit. Upon my evaluation, I began my 30-visit plan with 3 visits per week. Kristie makes it fun upon arrival, is efficient, and easy to work with for rescheduling appointments. Dr. Donn is a great listener as the resident chiropractor and made different types of adjustments as needed. Dr. Millin explains the shots being administered & recommended an MRI plus an NCV test as he felt there was more to it than simply an inflamed bursa. He was right and was able to adjust the traumeel injections so they would be more effective. Will and Arsenio are patient, knowledgeable and are the experts at massage, manual therapy, TENS machine (feels so good you almost fall asleep!), and at giving instruction for home-based physical therapy. And, they are personable and entertaining too! I now continue home-based physical therapy on my own with core3 exercises to minimize hip flare-ups. I can exercise again & sit through a movie in a theater without problems. I recommend you try this practice if you feel you may need a “system of care” with chiropractic care, physical therapy and natural injections.”

    Cyndy McCoy

  • The staff there are very friendly and caring.
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    “When I first visited Total HealthCare I was not convinced I would be helped. After being consistent in keeping all my appointments I am much better. I also reccomended Total HealthCare to several friends and co-workers, as well as my wife, who is also dealing with pain in her knees. The staff there are very friendly and caring.”

    Ronald Grant

  • I don't know what I'd do without their care.
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    “I don't know what I'd do without their care. I probably would need surgery but they have spared me from that ugly beast. Between the chiropractic, osteopathic approach to arthritic knees and physical therapy I am doing very well. Between Dr. Millan, Dr. Daniel and all three of the physical therapists, they've got me covered.”

    Marian Von Tilzer

  • I can honestly say that each time I left the office, I felt better and better. EVERYONE is very professional!
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    “I heard about Total HealthCare through a co-worker. I was having pain in my neck and upper shoulder region. I'm fairly young so I knew this was not normal and that it was only going to get worse. It was becoming difficult to drive because I could not turn my neck to see if anyone was in my blind-spot and now that I have an infant, it became a priority for me to diagnose the issue and get it fixed. Friends had been telling me to go see a Chiropractor and after putting it off for many months, I decided to try THC. I had no idea what I was in for and was not familiar with the treatments at all. After a few tests and an x-ray, we started my treatments. These consisted of weekly visits (3x/week), stretching/massage, injections and adjustments. They also gave me stretches to do at home/office. From day one, I felt comfortable and well-informed about what was going on and how I was going to be treated. Each employee explained their roll very thoroughly and they are always cautious of whether you are feeling any pain during treatments or therapy. The chiropractic portion made me a bit nervous because it was new to me, but Dr. Mercante is very good at helping you relax so he can properly adjust the problem areas. After 6 weeks of treatment, I am already feeling great and the pain is diminishing. I can turn my neck in all directions with no pain. I can honestly say that each time I left the office, I felt better and better. EVERYONE is very professional! They are willing to work with your schedule and very flexible with appointments, especially for people like me who often have things come up during the work week! Also, in my 30 or so visits, I have never had to wait longer than 5 minutes to begin my treatment. I would recommend them to anyone.”

    Stacy M.

  • I am so happy that I choose to be a part of the experience.
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    “My hat goes off to the guys at THC, they have yet to disappoint me, they were very kind and caring, and didn't blow smoke up my pants leg, I really do appreciate that. I just finished up about 9 weeks of treatment and I have to say that the knee feels great!! Thank-you Christie, Will & Arsenio, you guys rock!! Drs. Mullins & Don, thank-you so much for your knowledge and input, easy does PA Tran, you're almost do. And I can not forget the mystery associate Ashley, now you see her and then you don't, thanks to all you guys. I am so happy that I choose to be a part of the experience.”

    Charles Carson

  • The staff will patiently guide you through the steps to an improved quality of life!
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    “This is a very pleasant and professional office. The very friendly, caring and supportive staff and doctors will patiently guide you through the steps to an improved quality of life! Limping out of bed is not a positive way for anyone to start their day! The treatments and physical therapy here are a welcome alternative before committing to any surgery. I have sucessfully used for more than one physical ailment over the years and I wouldn't hesitate to return . An excellent way to take care of yourself.”

    Cynthia Tzavaras

  • Each time I walk out of the Sandy Springs office, I feel that my whole body is becoming stronger and healthier.
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    “For once, my tendency to procrastinate paid off. I was told by expert orthopedic and neuro-surgeons that the only "cure" for my degenerative disc disease would be surgery, with the goal of relieving my debilitating lower back pain. Knowing the risks and the poor success rate of spinal surgery, I kept putting this off......and Total Health Care, thankfully, came to my attention. From the first visit with Ashley, I knew I was in good hands. Here is a team approach to treating the 'total patient', all in one facility. What a novel concept.....instead of sending me from one specialist to another, I can receive Chiropractic adjustments, natural, anti-inflammatory injections, advice, counseling, and physio-therapy all in one visit, from a team who knows me and works together on my behalf. Having always been a firm believer in 'mainstream' medicine, this was a big transition for me; now I only wish I had found THC years ago. My lower back pain no longer determines my quality of life! We now are working on my arthritic right hip, and I am thrilled to report my pain there is significantly diminished. I would like to personally thank Dr. Millin for his professional knowledge and good humor; Dr. Don, for his enthusiastic and caring approach to my progress, and the wonderful physiotherapists Will and Arsenio, whom I always look forward to seeing. Each time I walk out of the Sandy Springs office, I feel that my whole body is becoming stronger and healthier. Special thanks to office manager Christie, who never fails to accommodate my scheduling needs and questions with efficiency and professionalism. This is a great delivery system for quality medical care.....AND, they handle Blue Cross/Blue Shield for me, making my visits truly hassle-free! Keep up the good work, all of you!”

    Debbie Hartzell

  • All are friendly, encouraging and effective! I felt better that first day.
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    “A return of TMJ and neck pain sent me searching for relief. I had tried dental solutions in the past. The free consultation at their Sandy Springs location proved to me that they could help. From the front desk to the therapy, the injections, and chiropractic adjustment, all are friendly, encouraging and effective! I felt better that first day. Next week is my final treatment and I know where to go if I need help again!”


  • This is a great team and I appreciate everybody's attitude and support.
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    “Having been your patient for nearly two months, I would like to thank the team at the Sandy Springs office for their professional and caring attitude, their smiles and their friendliness. Will and Arsenio always make me feel better after been " injected"!...😄 Again: this is a great team and I appreciate everybody's attitude and support.”

    Christiane Box

  • I feel so much better and I'd definitely recommend them to anyone in need of great quality care!
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    “I have been receiving treatment from total health care in Sandy Springs for about two months and from the very first day I visited the experience has been more than Amazing. Very professional staff, always on time and friendly. I feel so much better and I'd definitely recommend them to anyone in need of great quality care!”

    Mattie Boykin

  • Great staff, great help.
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    “Both knees and right hip were in a lot of pain and had begun affecting my golf game and everyday life. I can now walk up and down stairs and uneven ground without pain. My golf game hasn't gotten any better but it's not as painful. I enjoy my time with Jason, the therapist. In fact the whole staff is very friendly and they listen.”


  • "Back to Normal"
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    “For the past ten years, I have suffered tremendously from muscular skeletal disease, back pain, knee pain, head and neck. I have been treated with several steroids in the past; I am a diabetic and finally found out that this was not the way to go. I am in this area watching after a sick relative and stumbled upon your circular in the mailbox , I decided to give it a try. You have not disappointed. I learned that you use alternative medication to the steroids, I feel great! My joints are feeling much improved and I feel that I am on my way to a full recovery, My overall well being is fantastic. Thanks for being compassionate and friendly, I have recommended you to many others.”

    Gwendolyn Levatte

  • Feeling like myself again!
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    “Upon my first visit to Total Health Care, I was suffering from severe neck and left side shoulder pain that extended down to numbness in my lower arm and hand. I had trouble sleeping, working, and I had to stop exercising due to the residual pain I experienced for days. I was in such bad pain that I started taking prescription pain killers. Bi-weekly visits to a general chiropractor was not helping my situation and I knew it was time to find an alternative treatment plan. A friend and staff member at Total Health Care recommended that I stop in for a consultation and have X-rays taken. A detailed review of my X-rays reveled a twist in one of the vertebra in my neck and it was suggested that I come for treatment 3 times a week for 8 weeks. My treatment has consisted of chiropractic adjustments, trigger point injections, and physical therapy. I am 5 weeks into my personalized treatment plan and I feel great! I started feeling pain relief after the very first visit. The staff at Total Health Care is friendly, enjoyable, and most importantly, they are all top notch professionals in their respective fields.”


  • I can dance again!!!!
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    “Today, I completed my 22nd treatment at Total Health Care in Norcross. I have 4 more visits to complete my therapy. I am walking straighter than I have walked in years!!!!!!!! My arthritis pain is literally disappearing!!!! I was told by doctors I have osteoarthritis and the only way to find relief was to get a both knees replaced. That thought frightened me. When I found out about Total Health Care, I immediately felt hopeful because I found out their anti-inflammatory treatments are not loaded with steroids. I am treated by chiropractors and by my favorite physiotherapist Andres. His energy really motivates me to work hard and I really feel comfortable and cared for. Andres is incredibly amiable and I can genuinely feel that his good energy is also contributing to my improved condition. I have been to many other specialists and until now, I am able to say that I have found real relief. Total Healthcare gives an incredibly complete service that has given me so much relief. I can now dance once again at our family gatherings :o) I have already recommended Total Health Care to friends from church and my husband, amazed by my improvement, is also recommending it to his clients. I recommend Total Health Care to everyone who is in constant pain, as I was. I just wish I could have come here sooner!!! Thank you!!!”

    Maria Cruz

  • Both times I have needed help, they fixed me up
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    “I have had elbow issues in both arms, at separate times, that prevented me from playing tennis, golf, and working out. Both times I came in for help and both times I was back to normal in less than 2 months. The staff is great. I highly recommend.”

    T Kinnamon

  • Great group of professionals....Sandy Springs office
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    “I have been coming to this office for the past year on and off for severe pain in lower back and both knees. Each time I am treated, I feel much better. There was a time that I could not go up and down stairs due to knee pain. After having the treatments prescribed, the difference is like night and day. The staff is very professional and polite. You are made to feel welcome as soon as you enter and until the visit is over. I am sorry that I waited so long to start. Highly recommended to all. Thank you.”

    David Brown

  • I love coming to this place
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    “I have been coming here for almost a year. The whole staff is really nice and professional. My headaches are becoming almost non-existent. They make my shoulder and neck pain better every time, and I'm glad to have found them. I'm getting back on track.”


  • What are you waiting for? Just do it!
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    “I have had several issues that I read about in the flyer that came to my house about Total Health Care. I was anxious to get started and have them treat me so I could have a success story like the ones in the flyer. My knee pain was so painful I couldn't walk up stairs, and today I have no pain at all in my knee. I am still being treated for lower back and neck pain and am almost 90% better. May I mention the office staff makes you feel so welcomed and comfortable? Just wait until you meet Christy.”

    Joyce Shetler

  • They corrected horrible back pain
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    “My wife had been a patient of Total HealthCare when I threw my back out a year or so ago. I was completely disabled. They fit me in right away and were very careful to help me in my pained state. I'm very thankful that they were there to get me back on my feet.”

    Bill Loomis

  • Great healing and team environment
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    “I've used the Total HealthCare team as I've battled with chronic headaches and back pain and would highly recommend them. My experience has been in the Sandy Springs office, but everyone has gone out of their way to help me get my ailments back on track. I love that everyone is knowledgeable about my conditions and progress. Wonderful to have a team who works together for your benefit!”

    Pam Loomis

  • The staff has really helped me and explained to me my real problem.
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    “I have being going to the Total HealthCare in Sandy Springs for almost 2 months for pain and I have seen my pain slowly go away. The staff has really helped me and explained to me my real problem. Other places I have been would never give me the answer, but this center did. They worked on my chronic pain and I am doing much better but still have a long way to go. I will continue to go there for as long as I can. They do great work.”

    Derrick Kent

  • They create a great environment for healing.
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    “I worked through the lower back pain for 20 years. "No pain no gain" was my mantra. I was out to get that magazine worthy 'hard body'. Yes I went to a 'very well known' Orthopaedic group for my lower back pain on several occasions throughout those twenty years. I never got the impression that they cared very much. They'd take a look at the x-rays, tell me I had compression in my L5 and send away with a prescription for pain medication that I wouldn’t fill. I don't like taking medications. In August of 2014 my lower back pain landed me in the emergency room. The pain had wrapped around both hips, gone into my abdomen and shot through my glutes. My abs could not pull me up into a sitting position and I could barely walk. I am only 51. I needed some serious help. I had received the flyers for Total HealthCare for several years, read through many 'success stories' and thought 'right that looks too good to be true'. But, I had nothing to lose so I made that important first appointment. Now, I have my own Success Story. First and very importantly I was put through a series of measured mobility tests and x-rays from multiple angles (not just two pictures like the other group). From these tests the physicians, therapists and caseworker at Total HealthCare determined that my spine was basically too straight. The curvature in my lower back and my neck was not as pronounced as it should be thus causing excess pressure and compression in my L5 and in the vertebrae in my neck. Total HealthCare developed a treatment unique to my issues and pain levels. The treatment was geared to give me some immediate pain relief through injections of naturally derived plant based pain killers/inflammation reducers. While giving me long term pain relief through Chiropractic care and Physical Therapy which broke up the calcifications, put some of the curvature back in my neck and lower back and gave me more mobility and less pain. It was good to learn why my back hurt so much. The knowledge that my spine is too straight will allow me to modify my workouts and other activities to help prevent further injury. The treatments have worked. I am not pain free yet, but, I am about 85% there and it is so good to know that there are treatments other than pain pills that work. As a bonus the doctors, physical therapists and staff know me. They are friendly, funny and easy to talk to. Total HealthCare helps you to help yourself. Doctor Millan even went to the parking lot with me to show me how to adjust my car seat to reduce the pressure on my back and legs. They create a great environment for healing. Total Healthcare works with your insurance company to make the cost almost pain free which certainly contributes positively to the healing process. It is refreshing to get care from a doctor group whose first goal is to heal, rather than make money! And the Physical Therapists, William and Arseneo, give great massages!!”

    Brandi O

  • From my first visit the staff was friendly and professional.
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    “I had several months of very bad pain in my heel. I could barely walk more than a block or so, the pain was so bad. I was going to go to a foot doctor when a friend recommended Total Healthcare in Sandy Springs, so I made an appointment. From my first visit the staff was friendly and professional. I had a thorough exam with both the doctor and the chiropractor and X-rays which showed I had plantar fasciitis. A personalized treatment plan was explained to me that included injections to the area of pain, physio-therapy and chiropractic adjustment. I was a little skeptical, but started. I am glad I did. Within two visits my pain was almost gone, and by the end of my treatment schedule I was able to not only walk on that foot with comfort, I was able to hike in the mountains. While I won't say the injections were painless, Dr. Millin has such a good touch and technique that I soon stopped worrying about them and got used to them. Dr. Nia was great in adjusting my foot, leg and back, all of which were out of alignment from my trying to baby my bad foot and walking crooked. And I can't say enough about Jackie and Will, and Donn, my physio-therapists. I even got an ultrasound machine to use at home to relieve the pain. I highly recommend Total HealthCare to anyone with pain.”

    Carlos E.

  • I would like to thank every one of you for changing my life!
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    “I would like to thank every one of you for changing my life! I am not being overly dramatic here, because my life had begun to revolve around constant pain, medications, visits to doctors, physical therapies... and still more pain. I was fortunate enough to retire from a career in education at age 54, but found myself unable to pursue many of my favorite activities. A car accident in November of 2006 left me with herniated discs in my lower back, which have only become exacerbated with age and activity. The best relief was achieved by using transdermal Fentanyl patches, which released a strong pain-killer into my system - but at a nonsustainable risk to liver, kidneys, etc. After my last round of epidural injections in July of 2013, without relief, my orthopedic specialist referred me to an orthopedic surgeon. I appeared to be a good candidate for spinal surgery, which I truly wanted to avoid, but no other options were presented. I took my MRI to one of the top neurosurgeons at Northside Hospital, hoping for a different opinion; again, I was told that surgery was my only remaining option to relieve what was becoming disabling back pain. Additionally, increased pain shooting down my right leg was traced to worn out cartilage in my hip joint. It seems the aggressive, expensive physical therapy which my doctor prescribed over the summer for my back problem exacerbated a hip problem which I never knew existed. Now the sudden, excruciating pain emanating from the right hip was preventing me from sleeping - and led me to yet another surgeon. He informed me that a hip replacement was "definitely" in my future. Now I was anticipating two major surgeries! Not sure I had exhausted every alternative, I called Total HealthCare. I had seen your newsletters before, and disregarded them because the procedures seemed to fall outside of what I understood of "mainstream" medicine. I'd never visited a Chiropractor. In my mission to relieve my chronic back pain, I had visited an acupuncturist, without any improvement; that was all I knew of treatments which I considered "alternative". How thankful I am to have overcome my skepticism and called your office! My initial consultation with Ashley gave me more information and optimism than I have had in years. The whole team approach made sense, treating the entire body rather than one area at a time....and all in one facility! The exercise and stretching regime which Jackie and Will provide, and have trained me to perform at home, has been more beneficial than any physical therapies I have yet encountered. I love the relief provided by Dr. Nia's confident adjustments to my spine and neck. The natural injections provided by Dr. Millin, Ashla and Julie are offering me relief while not putting more harmful corticosteroids into my system. This entire team is fantastic, and I love the fact that all are working together, communicating openly with me and with each other about my condition and how best to proceed. The positive outlook all of you express has made a huge difference in my progress, just as your willingness to answer my questions and educate me about my issues has been so very helpful; Dr. Don has been a great resource in this respect. I appreciate the knowledge and professionalism which all of you bring to work each day. My gratitude extends to Kristie and Patty, who have been unfailingly helpful and accommodating with my scheduling and insurance issues. Having just had my sixteenth treatment at Total HealthCare, I am thrilled to say I have substituted my 3x/day Vicodan/Voltaren regimen for a periodic Alleve. I am able to sleep through the night. Although I still suffer some pain and discomfort, I feel able to manage it and overall feel better than I have in years......and my treatment is not finished! With your help and guidance, I look forward to continued improvement and years of good health.”

    Debbie H

  • I am very thankful for the help you have given me
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    “I felt I would be remiss in not writing to you to express my sincere appreciation for the benefits and healing that your treatments have provided me. Living with sciatica, lower back and hip pain has been a constant part of my life for the last 5 years. Prior to this time, I have been very physical active with 30 years in the martial arts, mountain biking, kayaking, backpacking, exercise, etc. As a result of the pain, I was unable to continue in any of these activities that were a regular part of my life. I am also a business executive, so the job requires sitting at desks and conference tables, as well as extensive air travel around the world. The pain from just sitting, or sitting on aircraft brought me to the point that I wondered if I would be able to continue in my career. Combined with the inability to do much of anything that I enjoyed, it felt almost as if my enjoyment of life was coming to an end, and I had already lived the best years of my life at 45 years old. I have been to 3 different orthopedic doctors in that time, all diagnosing something different, and culminating in a disc and lower back surgery in November 2011 by a well-respected spine surgeon. Not too long thereafter, I noticed that the pain was still there despite going through the dangers of spine surgery, as well as the expensive out of pocket costs I had endured. I then tried physical therapy as a stand-alone method, acupuncture and massage, but while getting some level of temporary relief, the pain was still there and getting worse. From the flyers I had been receiving from Total Health Care, I finally decided to give you a call, and try something different. I am amazed at how dramatic my health has improved since receiving treatments from Total Health Care, and I often have many days with a 0 out of 10 pain level. It has been 5 years since I have had anything less than a 3 or 4 pain level (out of 10) on a regular basis. I am 5 weeks into my treatments, and have already started to get back into my physical hobbies, as well as am able to travel again without pain. I have no doubts that within a few weeks, I should be free of pain. Knowing what I know now, I did not need surgery, which could have also compromised lower back structures, and actually made my condition worse. Thank you for giving me my life back! Without Total HealthCare, my life would be going down a very different path right now, and I am very thankful for the help you have given me.”

    Roger R.

  • They have truly done an awesome job!
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    “I heard about Total HealthCare through a health newspaper. I started my treatment at the beginning of February of 2014. I was having shoulder and knee pain. The pain was so sharp that it hurt to move and I had to wear braces. I went to different doctors both in and out of the country but they either gave medicine to take like muscle relaxers or pain relievers. They also suggested to have surgery done in these areas. The medicine helped but after it wore off the pain came back and I was too scared to have surgery. So when I heard about Total Health Care, I decided it wouldn’t hurt to give them a try. At first, when I heard I was going to get shots as part of my treatment, I was scared and got nervous because I am terrified of shots. But after a couple of treatments I got used to them. Yes, they still hurt but not as much as they did at the beginning. In the few weeks of starting the treatment, I stopped feeling those sharp pains in my shoulder and my migraines have gotten less. I have now been with Total Health Care for about a month now and have seen great results. There is still some pain I have to deal with from time to time but with the help of the trigger point specialist, physical therapist, and the chiropractors, I have been able to stop wearing my braces for longer time periods and the pain has diminished to a great deal. I still go in 3 times a week but I with the help of Total Health Care I can see myself make a full recovery. I am very pleased in choosing Total HealthCare as my health care facility for my shoulders and knees. They have truly done an awesome job. I have no complaints about them. They are very professional, have great hours, friendly and really care about you getting better.”

    Judith L.

  • After visiting Total HealthCare the first time, I felt immediate spine relief.
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    “When I first came to Total HealthCare, I was having lower and upper back pain. Doing what I do, and working out as much as I do, I figured I need to get this taken care of. For a few years, standing, sitting, and even laying down in bed, caused me lower back pain on various occasions. After visiting Total HealthCare the first time, I felt immediate spine relief. After my x-ray, I found out that my spine has been misaligned for a number of years. Working with the flexible and nice staff in the office, they were able to work directly on the problem, thus giving me the ability to continue lifting and working out, to a point where I can push myself harder in the gym and at work. I am proud to have met and tried Total HealthCare and am proud to be a patient of the good doctors and staff at the office.”

    John H.

  • The journey to wellness begins!
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    “One morning in February of 2013 I got out of bed and could not take two steps forward without collapsing back into bed. I tried again and the same thing happened. Did I mention the pain? I couldn’t tell if it felt like a huge toothache of a giant sized cramp generating from the left side of my body. The pain was horrific …. I could not sit or stand. Getting out of bed was another matter. My best effort was “breathe slowly and hope for the best”. I could not imagine life with this kind of pain…..So I scheduled an appointment with a well known medical center in March. I was diagnosed with a herniated disk and sciatica. I was placed on a steroid pack which did not do a lot for the pain and then went for physical therapy which only helped a little. I received dry trigger point therapy (similar to acupuncture) and heat treatment. That therapy lasted for eight visits. I still felt limited in what I could do and the pain and discomfort continued for a few more months. My trip to England and the British Isles was just around the corner and I had to do something about the pain that was becoming debilitating. The answer….Ibuprofen! I still needed real relief and surgery was not an option. One day I was on my Nook reader and began to read an article in Prevention magazine about sciatica. It was suggested that ginger tea was something that could help with the discomfort. You know I had to try it…I did for quite some time. Did it help/ Maybe! But then the MOST amazing thing happened, I picked up the newest copy of Best self magazine. I’ve been reading it for at least two years. So I began to read and came across an ad that got my attention…. sciatic nerve relief. You would know that I put off calling, but finally made that call in late December. The journey to wellness begins! My first visit was January 6, 2014 and was pleased to meet a really great staff and doctors. With the injections, adjustments and physical therapy on the first day, I must say I felt pretty good. Each day comes with diminished discomfort. I no longer struggle with getting up in the mornings. The back pain is almost non-existent which kept me from wanting to move around in the bed. In addition, my range of motion has greatly improved without a lot of the discomfort. I now feel empowered to do what is necessary to lean forward to greater health. My teams of health care professionals are fantastic and understanding in the care they provide. Not a session goes by without their reassurance that the discomfort will definitely improve. Indeed it has and I am grateful for that. Thank you Will, Jackie, and Dr. Donn. You are very skillful in what you do. Thank you Dr. Millin and Julie… you give great care with injections. Thank you Dr. Nia, I am now convinced of the benefits of chiropractic care. Thank you Kristie, Ashley, Patti and Connie for your attention in making sure I have what is needed. Total HealthCare for me is really a place of HAPPY!!”

    Sharon F.

  • I couldn’t be happier with Total HealthCare
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    “While playing hockey I recently aggravated an old back injury from years ago. I was once again having daily pain at the base of my spine and hips. As you can imagine this makes it difficult to do just about anything pain free. I’m a computer programmer and I couldn’t even sit for more than 30 minutes or so without being in pain and needing to ice or stretch my back. Normal drives in the car were even out of the question as I couldn’t get comfortable in the seat at all. I was dealing with it by the usual methods of ice, rest and ibuprofen and some prescription anti-inflammatories and pain meds from my physician. All that seemed to do was manage the pain though and not really improve my condition. A couple weeks later after aggravating it again in a hockey game one of my teammates recommended I check out Total Health Care. After I started my treatment my pain subsided tremendously and after just a few weeks I’ve gone from daily pain to virtually no pain at all. I still feel some soreness and stiffness from time to time but its brief and getting less and less as the days go by. The treatments I’ve been receiving have been a combination of botanical injections, physical therapy, and chiropractic adjustments.As a result not only has the pain subsided but my back feels looser than it ever has and my posture is getting better. I’m also learning to stretch and strengthen my back and core during therapy to limit any future injuries. I couldn’t be happier with Total HealthCare and the results I’m already seeing since starting my treatment. Everyone there is very friendly and knowledgeable and happy to share their knowledge with you.”

    Brian M.

  • I would greatly recommend to anyone.
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    “I first heard about Total HealthCare from my husband. He was having knee issues when they came to his workplace to talk about their treatments. He decided to go for an evaluation. Several weeks later his knee was better, and he was back at the gym doing the same exercises he normally did. I started having the same type of knee issues a year later and decided to give them a try. After weeks of needles, therapy and chiropractic sessions I can honestly say I am 99% back to normal. I was doubtful because of the needles and chiropractic sessions, but they worked!! The doctors and therapists were all great and took the time to explain what they were doing and why. Everyone had a great sense of humor and made sure that I was given the proper care and help I needed. I'm glad I decided to go ahead with treatments. I have spoken to other patients there and they all seem to have the same opinion. I would greatly recommend to anyone experiencing pain and discomfort that would normally need surgery to correct to try these guys first!”

    Tamara O.

  • I am very pleased and happy that I chose Total HealthCare
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    “I found Total HealthCare through my insurance network. It was convenient because it was close to my job. I was running to a store about 3 days before I went there and fell and twisted my knee because the floor was uneven. I thought I could tough it out but my knee was getting worse and worse. I was told about a natural treatment at the office that did not involve any cortisone and that would help me heal. Besides the upbeat attitude of all the office staff, this treatment started working right away. I could tell my knee was getting better immediately. My treatment was only 4 weeks and by the time it was over, I forgot I twisted my knee. I was able to go back to my daily workout routine after the first week. I fully recovered from my incident and it has been 4 months already and I have no reoccurring pain from the incident. I am very pleased and happy that I chose Total HealthCare as my health care facility for my knee pain, I have only good feedback for the service that I received from the office.”

    Carla H.

  • Total HealthCare will be my first choice!
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    “I learned about Total HealthCare from the Newsletter, which comes in the mail every other week. I read it over and over and decided for myself: if I ever have a problem with my low back again, as I had before, they will be my first choice. Decisive factor was their philosophy: “To consider the whole patient and not just their symptoms. So, when I got pretty bad knee pain, I called them to set up an appointment. Jordan, who answered the phone, was so nice and welcoming, that I felt in the right place right away. Finally I was diagnosed with early stage of arthritis in both knees and was assure that this problem could be cured completely, which gave me hope not to follow my family history of arthritis suffering. Following treatment was absolutely painless & enjoyable, thanks to magic hands of Dr. Van Millin, his assistant Julie Abrahamson & especially Dr. Mark Daniel-after his adjustments I had feelings that I can fly, especially after long day at the office. All Physiotherapists are gentle and knowledgeable, they could answer all my questions about therapy and following treatment. I will recommend this facility to all my friends and family and know for sure that it will be my only choice if I ever have any problem with my joints or back.”

    Galina G.

  • I can once again pursue my passion!!
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    “After several days of limping around with a strain left leg from refereeing a Lacrosse game, I decided to seek medical attention. As a Referee it is very important that my legs are in the best shape and condition possible. I knew the injury was serious and I would need the best care in order to continue doing the one thing I truly enjoy. I knew I had to seek the experts since I had previously went to my primary care physician and only to be given a speech on stretching and no real therapy to resolve the injury. After looking at other patients testimonials I decided to give Total HealthCare a try. It is truly a decision I’m glad to say I made. Upon my first visit I was greeted with a very professional and friendly staff. I was so impressed that I also agreed to have them look at my right ankle that had been giving me trouble for over a year. They set up a schedule for my appointments that were easy for me to meet and that worked around my job. For almost 2 months I was greeted with friendly service from the front desk, Doctors and therapist. The treatments were priceless and brought a reassurance from a painful situation. As I concluded my therapy, I can say I walked out of Total HealthCare a physically sound person with no signs of a knee injury and ankle that hasn’t felt this good in over a year. Thanks to everyone at Total HealthCare that has enable me to once again pursue my passion!!”

    Granada H.

  • I am so forever thankful for the help they provided me!
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    “I spent the last four years struggling with lower back pain and the last four years spinning my wheels trying to get a diagnosis and solution to my problem. The advice given to me by the doctors and orthopedist was always the same, the pain will work itself out, here are some stretches and take this medicine. Well, it didn’t want to mask the problem. I wanted to fix the problem. It was a deflating feeling to think this was as good as it was going to get. A friend of mine strongly encouraged me to contact Total HealthCare due to the excellent results she received for her back issues. I am so happy I took that step! I was pleased that after explaining my symptoms to Dr Millin and Dr Mercante they knew exactly what my issues were, told me they could help me, and I put me on a treatment path. What a great feeling knowing that I had finally found the right place! I was equally impressed with the team of physical therapists. They understood immediately what they could do to help me, and as my treatment progressed provided me with stretches and exercise that really worked! It is AMAZING what can happen when you receive the right diagnosis, the right treatments, and the right physical therapy to treat the problem. I can honestly say, that I cannot rank one component of my treatment plan above the other. All components (injections, physical therapy, and chiropractic care) were necessary and absolutely beneficial to my recovery. I am so forever thankful for the help they provided me!”

    Andrea T.

  • I would recommend this treatment for anyone and everyone who is experiencing pain!
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    “To all the staff and Doctors at Total Healthcare, Having received successful treatment for the pain in my knee and back from Total Healthcare in the past, it seemed like a no-brainer to come back for my elbow pain. After suffering for a few months and taking over the counter medications to no avail, I did just that. I was treated with a combination of injections, physio therapy and chiropractic for approximately six weeks. Last week I left the office pain free and no longer needing any over the counter medications! I would recommend this treatment for anyone and everyone who is experiencing pain! Thanks again Total Healthcare!”

    James W.

  • Thank you Total HealthCare!
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    “Total Health Care gave me an alternative treatment option for a cyst in my left foot, which was scheduled for surgery with a podiatrist in Feb. 2013. The recovery time for surgery on my foot was going to be extensive with limited mobility and time missed from work. Also the foot problem had me limping around for about 6 weeks, which gave me back pain from not walking correctly. I had already heard of Total HealthCare from a newspaper that I had gotten in the mail. I contacted THC and scheduled a consultation taking my MRI and the information from the podiatrist, to see what could be done, to keep from having any surgery to remove the cyst from the bottom of my foot. I am happy to report, that THC step up a schedule of treatments/physical therapy/message which eliminated the cyst, and got my back muscles back in shape so I can walk correctly, continue to do my own landscaping around my home, and walk my dogs pain free. I had 30 visits from Feb. 2013 – May 2013 with the team at Sandy Springs where they used Sarapin injections for the foot and my back along with the physical therapy/message/adjustments. It was definitely worth the time and effort to treat the problem without surgery! I was treated professionally, courteously, and cheerfully every time I visited the Sandy Springs clinic. Thank you Total HealthCare, I highly recommend y'all to my friends!!”

    Vonnie B.

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    “After just 4 visits to Health Med Clinic in Sandy Springs, I am feeling so much better. I was rear ended by a Semi Truck on September 13, 2012. The injuries I incurred were a herniated disc(s), sciatica nerve injury and my right leg was pushed into my hip. the pain was excruciating I went to 4 Orthopedic Surgeons/Specialist for several Epidurals, steroid injections in my spine and my right leg. The pain ceased briefly but to no avail the pain returned. I was given the option to have surgery on my back but I saw two ladies after they had the back surgery and they were in severe pain. I decided to live with the pain until I could decide what other treatments were available to me. I saw the commercial on TV for the Laser Spine surgery but I really did not want to have surgery on my back. My sister, who is a mail carrier in Gwinnett County told me she went to Total Health Care to get natural injections on her knees. She told me the pain went away and has not returned and it has been several years and she is still pain free as of today. After a year and a half, I just could not deal with the pain any longer. So I decided to go to Total Health Care for injections in my back and right leg. After only 4 visit, the pain has subsided tremendously. Dr. Nia, Dr. Millin, Julie, Will and Jackie have done an awesome job to make me feel, "SO MUCH BETTER.” Kristie and Ashley were very nice and professional. Ashley was very thorough in explaining the treatments I would receive and what my insurance would cover. Kudos to the staff at Total Heath Care at Sandy Springs.”

    Michael F.

  • Thank you so much for everything!!
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    “January 25, 2014 was a horrible day for me. I got into a car accident that was so bad I totaled a 2012 car. The stress and impact of the accident not only had me mentally drained but physically drained as well. I was having bad headaches to the point I would come to work with tears in my eyes every day but wasn’t crying. I had back soreness which was much worse after the accident but experienced every now and then due to the curve in my back and lifting trays at work. I thought all this was just due to the amount of stress I was under and kept telling mu self things would get better. It did not! It was then a co-worker told me I should probably go see a chiropractor. Walking into Total HealthCare of Sandy Springs I only expected to maybe relieve some soreness in my back, to still walk out with headaches, to still always have back problems because there’s nothing that can be possibly done knowing that every day I was going back to work to lift trays. Knowing that Scoliosis was something that I had since I was little and thinking that it will always give me problems. But I was wrong!! Between the chiropractor, physical therapy (and I hate to say this… the shot! I felt better than I have felt since I can remember. Headaches were gone, back soreness started to literally disappear. Each member of the staff paid attention to what the problem was, got to the problem areas, and fixed the problem while keeping the best attitudes. They laughed, smiled and got to know every patient that was there. Greeting patients by name maybe something simple but goes a long way. Thank you so much for everything!!”

    Allysha H.

  • Thank you!
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    “I would like to thank you for your continued support and treatment of my injuries. In the beginning of March I was involved in a car accident where I was rear ended . As a cause of this accident I sustained a mild concussion and injuries to my neck and back. This accident cause me pain when I would perform daily activities, sit for any period of time at work, and when I would try to sleep. I spoke with a fellow coworker and he recommended your office because of the great service he received. My first day there felt very daunting because I was never in an auto accident and was completely clueless on what I should even do. I was met by a warm and welcoming staff who are a pleasure to be around. Everyone at your office is happy to explain and answer any of my many questions. I work at a medical and massage school and know when therapists know what they are doing or do not. Thankfully at your location everyone is very knowledge and know how to work and treat clients. Before my accident I was a very active 30 year old that would go camping, hiking, bike riding, climbing, rafting, swimming, and a bunch of other outdoor activities. I am currently allowing my body to heal and taking it easy. However I feel that I would be able to do such activities if the weather would cooperate. I am getting better one day at a time and am happy to say that a majority of my pain is gone. I still have my days where I experience pain that was not there before the accident. When I experience that pain, I make sure to inform the doctors and staff. They are very vigilant and making sure to focus on that area in order to correct the issues. I look forward to my continued care at your office and would like to once again thank everyone for their professionalism, support, wonderful personality, and making each visit to your office a fun one! We often have times where we will share personal stories and joke around. It is fun to get some laughs in while receiving treatment for the pain.”

    Travis E.

  • I can now resume my active lifestyle
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    “To all the wonderful staff and Doctors at Total HealthCare, Tonight I walked out of your clinic feeling confident and very grateful that I can now resume my active lifestyle and enjoy all the sports and outdoor activities that have been a vital part of my life for as long as I can remember - without pain, weakness or discomfort. I had been in a lot of burning and radiating pain for several years from my lower back and waist down my right leg to my ankle and, in my mind, I was convinced that I was in need of a hip replacement because that is where my strength and stability gave out. Stubborn and not ready to give into that alternative, I continued to compete in tennis and tried to maintain my running, but it was both frustrating and painful. I really didn’t want to see a Dr. who was going to recommend surgery so I totally avoided that option. The pain intensified, interrupting my sleep and my daily work. As I was going through my mail one day, I glanced at a newsletter and the headline caught my attention. The article explained that all the pain I was experiencing may be due to the SI joint and not my hip. I called for a free consultation and everyone at Total Healthcare was very optimistic that I could be relieved of pain without surgery and return to my normal active lifestyle. Honestly, I was skeptical, but willing to try any alternative. I began my routine of adjustments, physical therapy and injections. Everyone was so positive and encouraging – this is just a fun, happy place to be – and finally I began to feel we were breaking through my years of neglect. The hot burning pain and the sleepless nights were diminishing. I found that I was more focused and productive during the day as well. At the end of my treatment, it was recommended that I continue treatment for an additional few weeks because I was just on the verge of a breakthrough. And the advice and reassurance was exactly right. The hot burning is gone. I have an increased range of motion and flexibility which will help maintain my physical health and allow me to resume an active lifestyle. Additionally, I have been educated in what to expect and how to respond to my body signals and will continue a maintenance program with Total Healthcare when necessary. Your skill and knowledge has made a huge impact on my recovery, but also my outlook. Special thanks to Dr. Nia, Julie, Laura, Donn and Kristi for your dedication, encouragement, professionalism and never giving up!”

    Lynn B.

  • I am forever grateful for all of your help and kindness
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    “The very first time I came to the clinic I was stiff, knees were aching and I was in so much pain. My daughter found this clinic through mail advertisement. She came over and had to lift my legs to get into the car. I was not able to get in and out of the car without pain. About the third or fourth injection from the clinic I am able to drive, wash clothes, cook, walk better and get into the tube. I really feel like a new person. Thank the Lord for this Clinic Total HealthCare, because I’ve been up hill ever since. I really want to give a special “Thank you” to all the staff members. I am forever grateful for all of your help and kindness towards me.”

    Evelyn G.

  • I know I can always turn back to Total HealthCare.
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    “Oh, wow! Where do I start? The primary reason I came into Total HealthCare was pain in my right arm radiating from my shoulder to my wrist. I, being a sedentary worker, thought it was signs of Carpal Tunnel so decided to be checked out. While completing the new patient forms, I completed it for the reason I was there, but, of course, one of the questions on the questionnaire was "Are there any other health issues?" I thought twice before putting my answer to this question and finally put Yes...migraines. When I met with the staff at Total HealthCare they all stated that the issue I was having with pain in my right arm could be the cause of the migraines. Deja Vu. I've heard that a million times. My migraines started back in 2006 after the birth of my daughter and I've been to numerous doctors who have all stated "...this could be the cause of your migraines." I had given up hope of every finding out why I went through the pain of migraines. Honestly, to this day, I have still given up hope. Well, since I've started getting treatment at Total HealthCare in January, not only has my right arm pain subsided, but also my headaches are not as frequent. But please believe me when I say this was not an overnight thing. My headaches had gotten worse in frequency and no one knew why. The only thing that could be thought of was the treatment that I was getting was causing my body to basically "retaliate" against the treatment causing the pain more often. I thought over and over about not going back for treatment because the pain was unbearable, but I've made it. I think as long as I keep up with my at home exercises, I will be okay. And if not, I know I can always turn back to Total HealthCare.”

    Jessica W.

  • I can't thank them enough for giving me my active life back.
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    “In August 2013 I decided to make an appointment with Total Healthcare after a recommendation by a close friend. I had been battling right knee discomfort that was progressively getting worse for several months. It was becoming difficult to keep up with my regular exercise regimen as well as doing simple tasks such as squatting,walking and climbing stairs. It wasn't until my initial visit that I was made aware of not only issues with both knees but an un-diagnosed problem with my back as well. The staff was extremely helpful in making me understand my diagnosis and how therapy would help today and in the future. I began therapy three times a week for ten weeks and it consisted of injections, chiropractic adjustment, exercise, and electrical nerve stimulation of the areas. The pain and inflammation I had been experiencing started to subside after only a few visits and now two weeks after my final appointment I'm almost completely pain free. The kindness and caring I received from each and every person at Total HealthCare made my experience extremely pleasant. I can't thank them enough for giving me my active life back.”

    Tenica P.

  • You treat patients as family
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    “Dear Total HealthCare Team! I had severe headaches and pain in my neck and back after the accident. I had to miss my work and could not do much at home. I could not bend over or turn my head, could not sit or stand for over 10 minutes, and even when I did not move, my headache was still there. I do not like going to doctors and tried to wait if it hills by itself, started taking pain killers, but the pain would not go away. I was recommended the Total HealthCare, and since I started my treatments my pain slowly subsided. I had my treatments 3 times/week and in a few weeks started feeling much better. Your staff there is very friendly and professional: you treat patients as a family and never too busy to spend extra time explaining the treatment or showing new excursive. You always accommodated my schedule and were very flexible with hours. I would like to thank all of you for helping me to get better and come back to my normal life.”

    Bela A.

  • Thanks Total HealthCare!
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    “I found Total HealthCare after receiving there newsletter in the mail. At the time I was experiencing stiffness and limited mobility in my left shoulder and a frozen right shoulder. What peaked my interest was their treatment was non-invasive; No drugs, no surgery. I made an appointment, saw the Dr. and we decided to work on both shoulders simultaneously with the concentration on my left shoulder first. I began treatment three times a week for the first 3 weeks then twice a week for a couple of weeks and eventually once a week for about two weeks. I was amazed at how after each treatment coupled with daily exercises at home, the pain and stiffness was less, and my range of motion came back. My left shoulder is healed and now we are working on the right shoulder. If you're looking for a non-invasive way of treating your pain, I totally recommend Total HealthCare, the physical therapy, chiropractic care, botanical based injections to relieve any inflammation and a warm friendly atmosphere equal a great way to heal your body naturally. -Thanks Total HealthCare!”

    Sherae A.

  • Impressed!
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    “After 53 years of frequent lower back pain, brought on by standing on tile floors for a couple hours, carrying a forty pound box fifty feet, picking a nickle off the floor or other similar actions, I was sufficiently impressed with the three way attack advertised by THC to give them a try, and after the planned treatments I no longer have the pain that would take my breath away. Then I mentioned the ten years of TMJ that limited big bites or wide yawns with ten seconds of nasty pain, and after five treatments, my jaw moves normally.”

    Tom M.

  • You really have given me a better quality of life.
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    “I have had lower back pain and sciatic nerve discomfort for over 15-18 years. I had grown accustom to it and felt that it was simply a part of life. I had no idea that I could live pain free. I used to take up to 800 mg of Naproxen, 4000 mg of Tylenol, or 2500 mg of Ibuprofen to relieve the pain. Every so often, I would stop self medicating and have to just suffer through the pain and discomfort. Everyone just kept prescribing medication, but no one would ever explain how to get rid of the pain. For people who suffer from sciatica and back pain, we learn to endure it and keep on going. It becomes a way of life and you just have to deal with it. You avoid situations that could “trigger” them. I actually gave up trying to figure it out; it appeared that I would just live the rest of my life with the discomfort. About two years ago, I started to pursue my Masters degrees online, which required me to spend long hours sitting at the computer doing research. I shifted endlessly to the left and then the right, got up, wiggled my legs, stretched my legs, anything to get relief, but nothing really helped. Even lying in bed stretched out, there were days when I could find no resolution. When I moved to Atlanta, I mentioned it to my doctor and he said before looking into surgery see a chiropractor. Upon taking his advice I found Doctor Mercente and the team here at Total Health Care in Roswell. For the FIRST time in my life someone told me the source of my discomfort, the resolution and what would happen if I continued to neglect my back. Though I’d had several primary care health professionals in care of my well being, no one has ever really offered a solution. Immediately after I started being treated, my headaches, neck aches, back pain, and sciatica discomfort were reduced. Within the first two weeks, instead of waking up with headaches and neck stiffness, I awaken without headaches. Within the first month, I felt that I had a new body. Though on my feet all day in the classroom, I felt pain free by the end of the day. To people who don’t suffer from sciatica and don’t understand the pain and discomfort from the tingling and numbness in the feet and toes, it is hard to explain just how discouraging the relentless pain can be and how much sleep it robs you of, effectively disrupting your entire day, thus diminishing your quality of life. It has been 3 months since I started treatment, my headaches, lower back pain, neck pain continue to reduce and my sleep is more restful resulting in my energy level is unbelievable. I was sure that the only solution was surgery, but thanks to Dr. Mercente and the Total Health Care Team, I didn’t have to undergo any such treatment. I can’t thank Dr. Mercente and Total HealthCare of Roswell enough. Your warm friendly and familial atmosphere made me feel welcome and genuinely cared about. You really have given me a better quality of life. My life would not have been the same without you.”

    Mckenzie T.

  • I highly recommend the doctors
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    “I was getting horrible headaches with nausea and vomiting and the growing number and intensity scared me. After being on prescription and OTC medicines for sinus allergies and ear infections for 5 months with no improvement, I started getting acupuncture which decreased the headache days by 25% but did not bring down the intensity. Then I read a flyer in the mail from Total HealthCare relating headaches with neck pain. That made sense to me since every time I'd get stressed at work, I'd say my neck hurt. Whenever my neck hurt, my head hurt. So I made an appointment since I had nothing to lose and only positivity to gain. I've been going 3 times a week for 6 weeks now, and my headache days have decreased by half, from my own count. I still get horrible headaches, but without the vomiting from feeling so sick, which is the worst part for me. I highly recommend the doctors here because they seem sincerely caring and are really nice, humorous people. The staff is all-around nice. It's ironic to have to go through pain to get rid of it, but I'm glad I got help here.”

    Yen L.

  • Your team of professionals and staff are the best!
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    “To the awesome staff and Doctors at Total HealthCare, Wow! What a difference in the pain level in my right shoulder since starting treatment by the Total Health Care team. Initially, I brought my mother to Total Health care as a result of a referral from my niece. My mother had been suffering for some time with chronic back pain and sciatica which was affecting her ability to walk. With one week of treatment, her pain had subsided to the point that she could walk with very little pain. In fact, within that week I took her shopping. She and I were amazed that she could walk so far with very little pain when in fact the week before she could hardly walk a few steps without severe pain. Having seen the tremendous improvement with my mother's pain, I thought I would give them a try with my shoulder pain. On March 16, 2012, I had surgery to repair a complete tear in my right rotator cuff tendon. After almost a year and a half later, I was still experiencing pain and difficulty with movement in certain positions and feared arthritis was occurring. Upon the initial exam and consultation at Total HealthCare, I did learn I had arthritis in my right shoulder. I can't say enough of how glad I am for starting treatment with Total HealthCare. What I love about Total HealthCare is their team approach of chiropractic physicians and medical physicians working together with physical therapists to design and implement a treatment plan just for my needs. It’s even better when the treatment plan includes natural pain relief without a lot of narcotics or surgery. Before starting my treatment plan of injections, chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy, I had not had a single day without some pain and clicking in my right shoulder. Now I can say I’ve had more days without pain than days with pain, and the clicking or crunchiness in my shoulder is down to a minimum. Thank you Dr. Nia, Dr. Millin, Jackie, Will, Kristie, and the entire Total HealthCare staff for your dedication, professionalism, reassurances, kindness, excellence and most of all for making me feel as if we are all on the same team with a specific goal to give me a shoulder I can use without pain. Your team of professionals and staff are the best!”

    Cynthia N.

  • Thank you. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
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    “From my perspective, The Total HealthCare Medical Center at Sand Springs, GA, is an oasis in a desert of aches and pains. For over three years, arthritis and carpel tunnel syndrome have mercilessly invaded my body, and have robbed me of the pleasures of living a “normal” life. I was almost at the point of despair because I could find no relief. Then, through the efforts of a concerned friend, I was encouraged to explore the treatment offered at this facility. Two months ago, I began a course of treatment at the Total HealthCare Medical Center, Sandy springs. Since that time, I feel progressively better. I am not yet at the point where I want to be, but I am optimistic that I will get there. Here are some noticeable changes that I have experienced after two months of treatment: Less pain and anxiety, less tension, more relaxation, more restful sleep, posture improvement, less dependence on others for assistance with minor chores that I want done. Some of these improvements are noticeable also to those with whom I interact daily. The efficient, caring and friendly staff- the men and the women who administer the treatments, and others who keep the Center operating effectively-demonstrate a high quality of professionalism that patients and their families want and expect. I look forward to the continuation of my treatment, anticipating the best results humanly possible. Please be assured that I am publishing the good tidings. Thank you. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!”

    Dr. Lloyd M.

  • Thank you for giving me my movement back!
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    “On January 2, 2013 I had my first treatment with Total Healthcare of Sandy Springs. I had suffered with lower back and neck pain for over 12 years. Prior to seeing TCH I saw 8 doctors over the past 12 years. During that time, I was unable to do simple tasks without experiencing a “10” on the pain level scale. Even walking a mile cause unbearable pain in my back and hips, I was unable to enjoy my life! My friends would invite me out dancing, or hiking, only to be met by my, “No, not today” line that had become so routine. I gained a lot of weight due to my sedimentary lifestyle. The last doctor I saw wanted to perform surgery to correct my neck and back issues. Once the orthopedic suggested surgery, I knew it was time for other options. My mother used Total Healthcare of Sandy Springs for her knee and hip pain, and could not say enough positive things about them. I decided it couldn’t hurt to try the holistic approach. Going to THC was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time. The staff is very friendly and knowable about their craft. What sold me is the multi-therapeutic approach. Seeing the Chiropractor, then the Physical Therapist, and finally receiving the pain relieving injections they give has been a life saver. (Or back/neck saver) Within 5 visits I was able to walk ½ mile without an issue, much improvement! Their one on one approach to patient care lets you know they are genuinely concerned about YOUR health and welfare. My treatment is not over, but I am confident once all my treatment are completed I’ll be enjoying my life in an active manner once again. The BEST part about my treatment plan is it doesn’t involved surgery or meds! Thank you Total Healthcare of Sandy Springs for giving me my movement back!”

    Penny W.

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