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Are you suffering from pain and live or work in the Norcross, Sandy Springs, Roswell or Alpharetta area? If so, please take a look at our unique, drug-free approach to pain relief. At Total HealthCare Medical Centers, we know that each patient’s health concerns are unique. That’s why we have assembled a team comprised of health care professionals from many disciplines. No longer does a patient have to go searching for the treatment that fits them best. With expert Orthopedists, Pain Management, medical doctors and chiropractic physicians working together with physical therapists, physiotherapists and diagnostic technicians, this clinical setting allows our health care professionals to consult directly with one another to determine what is the absolute best treatment for the patient.

Through this cooperative effort, each physician works together to design and implement a specialized treatment plan that is best suited for you. If you live or work in the Norcross, Sandy Springs, Roswell or Alpharetta area and suffer from back pain, neck pain or joint pain and are looking for pain relief that offers a unique and natural approach, look no further.

Each day our physicians treat a variety of common health complaints, including Headaches, Neck and Back Pain, Disc Herniation, Shoulder Pain, Pain/Numbness down the Arms and Legs, Arthritis, Knee Pain, Joint Pain, Whiplash Injuries, Buttock/Hip Pain, Muscle Spasms, TMJ, Sprains/Strains, Tendonitis, Chronic Pain, Chronic Illness, Carpel Tunnel and many others.

Can our unique approach to natural pain relief health care help you? Find out. We’ve helped many Norcross, Sandy Springs, Roswell or Alpharetta area families that went from doctor to doctor and finally found the results they were looking for in our office. Call Total HealthCare Medical Center today and Live Life Without Pain…

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